Saturday, May 31, 2008

Protact you baby from Mosquitoes and EEE / West Nile

This is something I truly hope every mother purchases, with the threat of EEE and West Nile so high this year. Both diseases can be fatal to small children. At $69.00 you get piece of mind and your child can still enjoy the great outdoors with you! Nobody want's to use toxic bug spray on an infant and what a great way for you to still enjoy the family cookout.

The tent clips to any play-pen and is also UV resistant.

Tots in Mind Portable Playard Tent Crib Shields & Bumpers
Tots in Mind Portable Playard Tent Crib Shields & Bumpers - $ 69.95

From: Happy Mothers

Monday, April 28, 2008

Personalized Pacifiers

This is a total must have if you have or are expecting twins or multiples!!
available in differant colors with your own personalized message.

Check out the one everyone in hollywood is hot for!! Including Brad and Angelina!

Solid white gold pacifier with 278 diamonds $17,000!

Not to worry they have something in everyone's price range! Starting at just $1.99.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A personalized video message from Santa

A personalized video message from Santa on DVD for your child in which Santa appears on the screen, speaks directly to them using their name, recalls their age and birthday month and asks them to join him in singing a favorite Christmas song. Your child will also receive his or her own personalized and autographed 6X8 inch full color photo of Santa Claus suitable for framing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unique Christening, Baptism, 1st B-day favors!

I found these at what a great idea! Only $2.50 each! They have pink, blue, yellow all kinds of designs. You even get to pick the candy!

Baptism Photo Drop in Blue

Did you know!?!?

Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adult we have only 206 in our bodies. The reason? Some bones fuse together later.

Children born in the month of May are on the average 200 grams heavier at birth than children born in any other month.

A newborn baby's head accounts for about one-quarter of it's entire weight.

According to researchers at the University of Texas, babies like pretty faces better than plain ones.

A fetus in the womb can hear. Tests have shown that fetuses respond to various sounds just as vigorously as they respond to pressures and internal sensations.

The average child will eat 15 pounds of cereal in a year.

Diaper rash occurs more often after 8 months of age.

Baby oil and baby lotion lubricate the skin equally well.

Aside from medical costs, it's been determined that new parents in the U.S. typically spend $7,000 in a baby's first year on everything from diapers to formula to day care.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed the orders that made Mother's Day a national holiday.

Did you know that every three seconds a baby is born?

A Swiss study found that a majority of women unconsciously choose mates with a body odor that differs from their own natural scents, which, as a result, ensures better immune protection for their children. "Longevity" magazine reported that the genes that battle disease-provoking substances also influence body odor.

The average stay in a hospital to give birth was 4.1 days in 1970. It was 2.6 days in 1993.

The largest number of children born to one woman is recorded at 69.

From 1725-1765 a Russian peasant woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Sweden has the lowest birth rate in the world, 1 in 100. Malawi, in Africa, has the highest, 5.3 in 100.

The first child ever born on the continent of Antarctica was born in 1978.

This information was obtained at where You'll also find useful tips on naming your baby, putting a baby diaper bag together, organizing baby shower games, pregnancy diets, as well as fun baby facts.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Why Pretend Play is So Important for Kids

Anyone who has children or can remember his or her own childhood days is familiar with the concept of pretend play, which is a type of activity where a young child begins to role play. Typically emerging in the second year of life, such imaginative play may be much more than just an amusing activity for toddlers. Some research has suggested that role playing may be an important developmental milestone in small children and may assist in the development of cognitive, verbal, and social skills.

Many parents may experience frustration when their child shows little or no interest in learning to count, to sing the alphabet, and other academic prerequisites that they will need in the upcoming years. Especially frustrating is their tendencey to avoid all instruction in favor of pretending to be monsters, superheroes or even people they know. Parents can be reassured that imaginative play is not merely an idle endeavor with no redeeming values; indeed, experts are now saying that the ability to roll play and pretend may be more important than the ability to count or recite the alphabet at such a young age. Playing imagination games helps the young brain order the world around him or her and teaches the young child how to empathize and interact with others. Instead of trying to redirect the child's energy into activities that they deem more constructive, parents should instead encourage and participate in such games.

Pretend play can come in many forms. Young boys will frequently engage in such activity as pretending to be warriors, carpenters, truck drivers, and football players. In the hands of an imaginative youngster a broom handle becomes a sword, a paper towel roll can be a hammer, and so on. Likewise, little girls often engage in such forms of play by playing with dolls and doll houses. Doll houses are particularly strong outlets of pretend play since they allow the child to have complete control over a mini universe. The child with a doll house can rearrange furniture, cook dinner, put the baby to bed, and do all of the activities that she observes her parents do every day.

Roll playing and other sorts of imaginative games are a vital component of the education of any young child. He or she uses such play time not simply for idle fancy, but as a way to understand societal roles, relationships, and his or her place in the world. Key cognitive and communication skills depend upon the ability to successfully roll play, so parents should encourage such activities. Of course, it is also important for parents to read to young children and introduce them to numbers, shapes, colors, and letters. However, academic learning must share time with imaginative play to ensure that the child continues to develop successfully.

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